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Anker 1

Villa Alla Milanese
"With the opening of Villa Meissen in Milan and the new home collection, Europe's oldest luxury brand is reinventing itself."

S. 77 | AD 09/2012

"Cosmopolitan is a tribute to the famous "Golden Coffee Stuff" that Johann Melchior Dinglinger made for Elector Augustus the Strong in 1701. A marvel of gold and diamonds, which have now been replaced by precious hand-finished surfaces in gold or platinum. [...]
Consoles of wonderfully cloudy craquelé lacquer, so fine that it is reminiscent of parchment, accentuated with embossed leather and bronzed brass pilaster strips, a small armchair with ebony legs, brass feet and two types of fabric cover". [...]
Hand tufted silk carpets, Egyptian cotton, heavy jacquard with woven patterns such as Royal Dragon, Geometric or the crossed swords stylized into ornaments. [...]
Noblesse instead of showmanship, distinction instead of trend screaming." AD 09/2012

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