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Driven by a love of detail, a passion for his work and a vision of holistic design, Markus Hilzinger strives for harmonious proportions and perfect balance. The designer Markus Hilzinger creates luxurious interior designs, perfectly shaped product designs and curates unique art concepts.

The designer Markus Hilzinger has made a name for himself with his timeless and elegant handwriting. His portfolio shows a stylish ensemble, which reflects a lot of empathy for the client and the cultural, as well as historical circumstances. His handwriting is neither minimalistic nor overloaded, but rather it is the balanced design language that makes Markus Hilzinger so successful. The interior designer lends opulent rooms a modern lightness, contrasts the unadorned ambience of a building with loving details and gives faceless residences a new character with exclusive art and high-quality furniture. The projects of the designer, who lives in Berlin, live from this harmonious rhythm, which is occasionally interrupted by subtle accents and thus creates exciting highlights.

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