Art Biennale

Giardino Venice 2017

Fotos: Markus Hilzinger, Andreas Bernd Kartes | 2017-11-01

Every two years, Pavillions at the Giardino in Venice transform themselves into national hotbeds of the arts and show a wonderful spectrum of international perspectives.

As different as they may be, the more exciting is the meeting of all. As this year's winner, the German Pavillion with Faust by Anne Imhof is a performance magnet with an uninterrupted visitor interest.

The young beautiful people who are catwalking straight through the pavilion and guarded by Dobermans imprisoned behind fences, a radical approach and certainly polarizing.

But art should and can provoke.

Quite different is our neighbour France, who transformed his Paviliion from Veihan into a sound experimental studio where softer sounds are struck.

One of our favorites, in fact for years, is definitely the Russian contribution, the artists Pirogova, Brushin and the Recycle Group. They are looking for a formal description of a metaphor for the terror of New York to Palmyra.

At the same time, the figures put up propaganda-like parades convey feelings of the old USSR and the new rulers attitudes of a Putin.

For those who missed painting between performance and video art, we recommend the Romanian Pavilion of the 90-year-old grand dame of the Eastern avant-garde (art magazine), Geta Brătescu, for an impressive retrospective of her depicts today's never-ending creative power.

TIPP: In the special exhibition in the Italian Country Pavilion, a native of Syria, living in Germany artist, Marvan, who allows comparisons between Lucian Freud and Bacon with his unique portraits and yet on his unique style creates subtle human pictures.

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