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Anker 1

Wilhem Beestermöller

A favourite Berlin artist

Text: Markus Hilzinger | 2019-08-01

The born Emsländer and elective Berliner does not make much of a fuss about himself and his work.
How sympathetic... and that he has so much more to say with his art ...
There is always tension and contradiction in his works, they are always beautiful graphic and decorative, yes, as an artist, he is not afraid of that either.

Horst Brandenburg, Arte TV writes about an exhibition in Paris:
"In the age of photoshoping, the digitally manipulable image alteration, he makes use of simple, real painterly. Means to take people's face. He just paints it, covers it like a shroud of paint. As if they should not exist, he cloaks the characters in anonymity. That irritates. This leaves a frustrated search for clues and shakes the orientation. There is no obvious recognition. What is this about? What is hidden here? People, often photographed unaware on the street, are picturesquely robbed of their identity. In the mass of the series, the impression is reinforced that they are switched in an artistic way and are turned off as well.


The Incognito - individual is thus not only ignored as an individual, the individual also perishes in the masses. That's the one view. The other view shows respect. No one is exposed here, exhibited, used as a voyeuristic slide. Everyone has a chance in mass society to disappear behind the mask of the general. Anonymity as a freedom option and individuality as a protected private room. Wilhelm Beestermöller's art marks areas of protection for the individual, the chance to stay with oneself. A right to intimacy in a society that believes everything has to come out and communicate."

And in his Berlin studio, we were also able to discover wonderful new things, such as amorphous furniture sculptures and magical, seemingly jumbled cuboids.

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