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'Montforter Preziosen'

Fotos: Andreas Bernd Kartes | Text: Markus Hilzinger | 2017-08-14

The new castle in Tetnang, almost at Lake Constance, shows how impressive the representation pressure in the Baroque was - which could lead insignificant princes to the bankruptcy, only to be able to compete socially.

What is a true treasure for us today, because the castle is one of the most beautiful ensembles in „Oberschwaben". Impressive the symmetrical division of the corner cabinets with wonderful stucco work of Feuchtmayr.

Also to be mentioned are the unique portraits of those of Montfort, one of the few women of the time, who brought it to prestige, Angelika Kauffmann.

TIP: Delicious spaetzle and Swabian potato salad, a must for all those who love regional cuisine.

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