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Teppichdesigns für JAB
Produktdesigner Berlin

"For JAB Anstoetz' new carpet collection, seven German product designers imagined their textile vision of the urban jungle. Fine colour gradients and three-dimensional forms create a subtle play of light and shadow. AD ONLINE 03/2020

"Lively, loud, intense - with their closeness to life and fullness of life, yes, their cosmopolitanism, metropolises cast a spell on us. These imposing places live from encounters and impressions, from a certain permeability between city and world. Their pulsating, never-ending energy has now also seduced textile designer JAB Anstoetz. For its new carpet collection "Urban Jungle", the family-run company based in Bielefeld has invited seven German design studios to translate their view of the subject into textile creations. In the process, the wealth of inspiration that a big city has to offer becomes tangible. Each designer has forged his or her own path through the jungle, realising his or her personal approach and interpretation. Most of them did not let their eyes wander into the far distance, but to Berlin. The permeation of this city cannot be overlooked.

1 What feeling do your carpets convey?
Hamann: I would like to describe it using the example of "Shallow Waters". Imagine you go swimming on a warm summer day. You take your first steps into the lake, the sun is reflected in the most beautiful shades of colour on the water surface. This moment remains in your memory for a long time. Now enter your living room and feel like you are at the lake again - because the carpet reflects exactly these sensations!

2. do you have a favourite carpet from the series?

Hilzinger: Maybe the carpet with the stylized peacock feathers. A homage to the island in Wannsee, which served as a love domicile for a king.

3. a lot of work was done with high-low milling for the collection. What does this special technique do?
Hamann: The carpet is given a three-dimensional surface pattern, creating subtle plays of light and shadow. Each piece is milled by hand by one person, because the own cutting angle is like a personal handwriting!".

AD ONLINE 03/2020

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