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Anker 1

Shop concept

Shopdesign from Berlin

Germany | Mister Minit 2012

A concept for two alternative designs for the more than 1,000 chain stores of the lock-and-key and repair service Mister Minit.


The furnishing refers to more than six decades of the company’s history rich in tradition.
Warm shades of wood, black industrial light fixtures and a sales counter with tessellated leather are the predominant elements of the first draft. The design deliberately emphasizse the manufactural character to underline the personal service and handiwork offered by the company.
The second idea for the furnishings and equipment depicts the shop as a laboratory. Paired with the bright and friendly mood of the light, the colouring – accentuated and contained at the same time – gives the customer a feeling of technical perfection and skilful craftsmanship.

Planning & Realization FINE ROOMS GmbH Berlin Germany

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