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Building of the year
Hotel Ameron Speicherstadt

Hamburg | AIV Hamburg 12/2015


The former coffee exchange and new home of the AMERON Hotel Speicherstadt Hamburg was named Building of the Year for its loving renovation and redesign.
A 12-member jury of experts from the Architects and Engineers Association Hamburg e. V. selects the winners of the coveted award.

 "And so this piece of jewellery, which corresponds in every detail to the original Werner Kallmorgen, now stands in front of us again - not as a museum pilgrimage site for a few enthusiasts like me, but as a space that hotel guests take for granted and use every day with a unique authentic atmosphere .Mathias Hein, Freier Architekt in Hamburg, Bauwerk des Jahres AIV Architekten- und Ingenieurverein Hamburg e.V.

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