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Anker 1

luxurious lamps for MEISSEN

harmony of minimalism and grace

Fotos: Markus Hilzinger | Text: Markus Hilzinger | 2018-02-14

“The most important thing is light. Light equals life.” Richard Meier, architect




Markus Hilzinger designed this luxurious lamp for the MEISSEN. The product designers utilized the characteristics of premium porcelain as a stylistic device, creating an opulent light sculpture that sets an elegant course.

The frame of the lamp "CUBE" is made of massive metal, manufactured in most professional craftsmanship and designed to hold the porcelain plates of premium finish. Design knows no limits. The customer can choose from the manufactory’s comprehensive assortment and the broad range of colours.  Its unmatched harmony of minimalism and grace make this lamp a unique piece of art.

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