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Sicis, from mosaic design to Interior


Sicis has been one of the most creative mosaic manufacturers in the world for more than 25 years. The artistic implementation and the choice of materials seem to have no limits.
The surfaces of natural stones, glass, gilding and other precious metals to ceramic tiles are extremely diverse and beautiful to implement, not only as a mosaic but also to obtain as larger plates.
The designer can individually plan his ideas and designs or draw on an incredible variety of existing designs.
Sicis in the past was often in the shadow of the more media-efficient company Bisazza, so it has changed at the latest with the completely available living worlds.
Now furniture, lamps, carpets and fabrics are offered allowing to create a whole living world of products produced in Italy.
The very charming and technically extremely competent Mr. Ratti has accompanied us through his showroom and enthused about the products, merci...

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