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Art concept Hotel Regent

A Symbiosis of Man and Media


Subsequent to its demolition, reconstruction and opening in 2006, the house with tradition once again points to its prominent guests – numerous artists, musicians, as well as actors.


The lobby now features excerpts from the historical hotel guest book. The artist Detlef aus dem Kahmen picked up the subject of portrayal by adapting it in his Bista graphics “The dirty robbers” in a humorous manner.
The established Berlin photographer Tina Winkhaus makes the prominent stylistic method used by media focus of her works by creating  caricature-like arrangements. In her pieces of art she portrays the young generation. The seemingly sculptural boxer is faced by apparitional photographs of gymnasts – as if in a film setting, the protagonists are removed from reality, in order to find themselves rearranged in a duality of movement and stillness.    
On the way further into the building, the artistic dispute with the topic “man and media” becomes increasingly more abstracted. The artists use elements such as graphic forms, levels and perspectives.


Because of their arabesque form language, the original graphics “Tattoo” by Detlef aus dem Kahmen bring the rosettes in the glass windows of the Cologne Cathedral to mind. The historical paintings on the cathedral windows symbolise the early media products of our times. The art pieces “Layers” further bespeak the analogy to glass painting and its modern interpretations. The artist works under the pseudonym Emma Adam and designed and created these works exclusively for the hotel.
Graphic motives have been dissolved into pixels, the smallest graphic unit in virtual media, and printed directly behind the glass using a special method. By placing the prints behind the graphics, the artist was able to create a three-dimensional effect, constantly changing with the viewer’s perspective. This dynamic gives the framed works a screen-like appearance.

hiotelkunst-finerooms-15 (1).jpg
hiotelkunst-finerooms-05 (1).jpg

©: Emma Adam


©: Detlef aus dem Kahmen

The original graphics in the rooms are an extension of the series “Layers” from the restaurant. The art pieces by Emma Adam are collages achieved by the combination of two different techniques.
The background consists of fragments of art and design magazines, applied with the frottage technique. Resembling rearranged quotes from the world of art, they create an analogy to the media metropolis on the Rhine.
In the foreground, the artist arranged overlapping transparent colour films, thus creating an individual geometrical rhythm.

The connection between the arranged compositions and the intuitive frottage applications results in a graphical contrast representing the inseparable duality of coincidence and orchestration.In the hallways and conference rooms the guests will discover abstracted print graphics by various international artists such as Mark Rothko, one of the most significant representatives of the abstract expressionism and the colour field painting.The warm earthy colours reappear in the modern interior design.


©: Emma Adam

Planning & Realization FINE ROOMS GmbH Berlin Germany

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