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Anker 1

©: Daniele Cortese

©: Daniele Cortese

1830 Royal Porcelain Edition

Luxury Writing Accessory Made of “White Gold”

Meissen 2013

On behalf of the world-famous MEISSEN porcelain manufactory, Three different designs for glamorous writing utensils have been created.

By designing the MEISSEN “Mascara”, not only created an elegant writing utensil has been designed, but also a true gem. Its unmistakable design language was inspired by the lipsticks made by fashion designer Tom Ford. The porcelain manufactory went to the limits of feasibility to create the filigree porcelain corpus in a way that met the highest esthetical demands.

The “Augustus Rex – The True Royal Fountain Pen” was designed as a collector’s item and represents the highlight of the collection. The corpus made of finely grooved porcelain is enchased with 23 carat gilded brass. Both sides of the fountain pen are decorated with a crown of golden swords. The porcelain palmette, shielded by an arched mountain crystal, shows the hand painted portrait of Augustus the Strong, founder of the manufactory. It perfects the royal look-and-feel of the pen.


The elegant pen “Royal Seal” is a true hand charmer. The premium manufacture and the wonderful material characteristics of porcelain and metal create a tactile experience and a form of timeless elegance.


Planning & Realization FINE ROOMS GmbH Berlin Germany

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