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What a Celebration!

AD Interior Design magazine

AD 12/2016

"Six top designers from Paris, London and Berlin are setting the Christmas table, what a way to make it a happening of style!" Architectural Digest 12/2016


Special thanks go to Porzellanmanufaktur MEISSEN for the successful cooperation. The COSMOPOLITAN series was created to fit any occasion. Depending on the choice of design, the porcelain can be arranged in a vintage luxurious style or with a summerlike elegance, it can betoken a playful romance, or have a graphic modern  appearance. In the Royal Palace it is especially the combination of graphic patterns with the polished gold and platinum decors that creates unique mirror effects enveloping each table in a very breeze of magic. The range of possible combinations is as manifold as the culinary delicacies the porcelain was made to carry and present.

innenarchtiektur-schloss-03 (1).jpg

For the current December issue of the Architectural Digest,  a festive Christmas table has been designed complete with decorations. Since the Salvador Dalí room in the Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg in Bergisch Gladbach has been redecorated, it sets a perfect stage for the glamourous ensemble, emphasizing the gorgeous ambience.The hand-sanded glasses made by Theresienthal and the Chistofle cutlery have been carefully arranged on a luxurious table cloth made of a lightly woven Jacquard material.The fabric pattern of Fire Tail by MEISSEN’s Luxury Textiles received the Deco Home Best Fabric Award of 2015.

It is beyond doubt, however, that the star of this magnificent arrangement is none other than the porcelain set COSMOPOLITAN. This new MEISSEN classic, has been inspired by the opulence and the timeless elegance of the grand cafés silver wear. As the name suggests, COSMOPOLITAN is a sophisticated series. Like a well-travelled guest, it reveals tales of times long gone and of mysterious places, all the while retaining a connection with the here and now.
In order to decorate the Christmas table, the exclusive patterns of hand-finished gold and platinum with a white colour of vintage elegance have been selected. The successful orchestration is a vivid spectacle of reflections, premium materials and precious surfaces.
The MEISSEN figurine of the augural ocean God Glaukos is watching over the protagonists like an omniscient narrator. With a pensive expression on his face the mythological creature presents the tempting fruit of Paradise. The pomegranates’ rich red and the juicy figs complement the metallic glint of the patterns by adding a beautiful touch of colour.
“We love details”, Markus Hilzinger says, “and we want the guests at this table to sense that.”
The credo also emanates from the personal greetings awaiting the guests at every place at the table: authentic portrait drawings on hand-made deckle edged paper. Markus Hilzinger’s petite works of art complete the ensemble by adding a humorous and dramaturgical touch.
This setting is filled with the magic of winter and will guarantee an unforgettable evening.


Planning & Realization Fine Rooms GmbH, Berlin, Germany

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