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Markus Hilzinger

Head of Design Althoff Hotels

The designer Markus Hilzinger, who is also the "Head of Design" of the Althoff Group, creates luxurious interiors, perfectly shaped product designs and curates unique art concepts. Design is omnipresent for Markus Hilzinger. It affects all of us and influences our actions. The balanced symbiosis of aesthetics & functionality is therefore a particular concern for the interior designer. Driven by a love of detail, a passion for his work and a vision of holistic design, Markus Hilzinger strives for harmonious proportions and perfect balance.

His creations are always tailor-made, individual and authentic. It starts with a briefing with the client, historical research and finally a picture, an abstract idea that takes shape for the first time on a blank sheet of paper. After intensive fine-tuning and sensitive selection of materials, Markus Hilzinger creates a harmonious design, which is presented in the form of mood boards and renderings. It is often a long and exciting way until the final implementation. Therefore the designer accompanies every project with a lot of know-how and passion until completion. That's why he was chosen by the German AD as one of the true 200 design influencers.

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