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Photos + Text: Markus Hilzinger | 2018-07-11

In a successful double exhibition in the 68projects space in Fasanenstrasse run by one of the best Berlin galleries founded by Alfred Kornfeld, the works of the Berlin-American artist Michelle Jezierski were on display.
The canvases in mixed media show cropped abstract landscapes in radiant colors with a second layer of exact repeating patterns overlaid that illuminate the pictures like a flash of light.  
This suggestive way of expression by the artist, who studied under Tony Cragg, is full of visual strength while being simultaneously animatedly colorful.  

we have assorted a small and unique collection of drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, prints, and many other pieces of art especially for you.
The second opening in the main premises of Galerie Kornfeld is a very special highlight: - Jürgen Draeger, a contemporary witness of the wild era of the German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder, presented his drawings from the film Querelle. 
The sensual pictures of chalk pastels on paper originated on the filmset of this badly received, yet revolutionary film.
The most most well known pictures must be of the very erotic Querelle played by Brad Davis and the French diva Jeanne Moreau.
The lively Draeger along with the fantastic Berlin makeup artist Rene Koch and the host Alfred Kornfeld gave a thoroughly amusing introduction.  
The drawings, offered at prices between 3500 and 5000 Euro, show a unique historical insight.  

An absolutely wonderful evening.  Many thanks to the Host. 


Galerie Kornfeld and 68projects

Michelle Jezierski & Jürgen Draeger




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