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Villa Belrose Interior Design


St. Tropez, Frankreich | ALTHOFF HOTEL COLLECTION 2013

Image Credits: Laurent Saint Jean


By remodelling the hotel interior of Villa Belrose, a classy and timeless atmosphere has been created. The new design of the villa offers the guest a luxurious place surrounded by the beautiful Cote d’Azur.


The exquisite materials used for the decoration and cover fabrics, such as unusual patterns in the style of Yves Saint Laurent, delicate silk velvet, or the finely worked decorative cushions of Hérmes, are in a harmonious interaction with the soft natural colours of the silk-like carpets and the wall designs. Carefully selected and arranged decorative elements such as colourful ceramic vases and bronze lights wrap the entire room in a homey atmosphere. Black and white photographs by Rainer Schlesselmann mirror the atmosphere of the hotel and the Côte d’Azur lifestyle.

The remodelled interior of the restaurant evokes the era of Gertrude Stein’s legendary salon and the glamorous lifestyle of the French Riviera. The delicate colouring of the wall panels, hand-made wooden chairs with striking hound’s-tooth patterns and avant-garde bronze lamps with silk screens emphasize the intimate salon atmosphere of those times. Humorous portrait drawings by the Berlin designer Markus Hilzinger are watching the scenery from the walls.

Resting like Cary Grant

The carpets with their discreet stripes and the pieces of furniture, especially designed for the hotel, matching the three colour worlds of azure, mellow gold and carmine, complete the interior. The pieces of comfortable seating furniture, upholstered with heavy plaid linen fabric, invite the guests to rest and relax.

Heavyweight clasped drapes frame the window façade like a portal. Each room has a gallery or patio. The artistic black-and-white photographs in the hotel rooms represent a further distinctive design language.

Kunst-frankreich-fine-rooms-01 (1).jpg

Planning & Realization FINE ROOMS GmbH Berlin Germany

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