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Artists against AIDS,

the Gala 2018

Photos + Text: Markus Hilzinger | 2018-11-23

Berlin Aids-Hilfe and Health Senator Dilek Kolat are pursuing an ambitious goal with the 90/90/90/0 campaign and Fine Rooms is supporting this with a donation. The program was very charmingly led by the two presenters Florian Weiss and Wayne Carpendale. The fantastic Gayle Tufts demonstrates her great singer talent.
Also Sharon Brauner with her Yiddish version of "Bei mir bist du schejn" makes people ecstatic.
Later, Dunja Rajder performs one of her earwigs in the foyer bar and everybody sing along.
As superstar and for the first time at Berlin stage (we all know why)  Ute Lemper. She surprised with her medleys on so beloved and hated stage of the Theater des Westens; convinced with a terrific show reminiscent of Marlene Dietrich in jazzy ....
Many thanks to the real stars of the evening, to the many volunteers.

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