Kunstkonzept Swiss Mountain Hotel

Jagged rocks meet gentle snowy landscapes

Davos, Switzerland | AMERON HOTEL COLLECTION 2016

©: Natalia Hajda

The art in the AMERON Swiss Mountain Hotel Davos is no less multifaceted than Davos itself. The art concept creates a cultural and historical link to Davos and its immediate surroundings.

©: Oliver Kubitz

“Meek hearts beat in rough mountains."
Heinrich Federer, Swiss writer, narrator, novelist

The Swiss craftsmanship and tradition, the diversity of the alpine region, its fragile beauty, pure architecture, as well as the local people and the significance of winter sports are the main themes of the art. The selected artists implement the themes using various objects and techniques. Wood and metal sculptures or ceramic art, papercuts, oil paintings, drawings and woodcuts, mural reliefs as well as photography – the means of expression through art are manifold.   

©: Frank Sievers

Some of the works were especially designed and created by the artists as unique pieces exclusively for the AMERON Swiss Mountain Hotel Davos. The curated display presents the international artists side by side in a most unconventional manner. The delicate nature silhouettes of the floral papercuts by Svenja Karstens stand in contrast to the unyielding geometry of the metal sculptures.

©: Svenja Karstens

©: Markus Jäntti

The well-known museum hosting the work by one of the world’s greatest expressionists – Ernst Ludwig Kirchner – can be found in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.
The design of the restaurant takes up the region’s well-known as well as recent themes and motives, interpreting them repeatedly through various perspectives and views. The large colourful oil paintings by the Finnish artist Markus Jäntti in the main restaurant create a powerful impression; they are expressive adaptations of a famous Kirchner motive, the Davos church. Their effect is further enhanced by the wall plates by Markus Hilzinger. The mysterious portraits of Italian film divas were especially crafted for the hotel and are displayed in an orchestration that is worthy of a stage. The wood sculptor Johannes Hepp created a humorous series on the topic of the children of Tessin as a reminiscence of the world-famous sculptors’ symposium Davos H.ART. He found inspiration for this commission work on his travels and studies in the Italian parts of Switzerland.

The two other restaurants also offer an artistic approach to the theme complex, inviting the guests to embrace the different interpretations. The bell room features a graphic display of vibrations and chimes of Swiss mountain church bells. The curved patterns and wavy lines of the moiré-like fine art prints, paired with artfully fashioned paper grids, symbolize the variety and sound spectrum of the medieval time signals as they melodically unfold and slowly fade away again.
In the hunting room, the Berlin photographer Tina Winkhaus put the fruit of a hunt and harvest in scene using dark background. The result is an installation of artificial trophies that gives the room a very special atmosphere.

©: Wolfgang Stahr

©: Wolfgang Stahr

©: Wolfgang Stahr

©: Wolfgang Stahr

©: Johannes Hepp

©: Wolfgang Stahr

©: Wolfgang Stahr

©: Wolfgang Stahr

©: Markus Hilzinger

©: Wolfgang Stahr

©: Wolfgang Stahr

©: Wolfgang Stahr

©: Street Collodion Art

©: Wolfgang Stahr

©: Wolfgang Stahr

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