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These are luxurious lamps for the MEISSEN HOME COLLECTION, utilizingthe characteristics of premium porcelain as a stylistic device, creating opulent light sculptures that set an elegant course.


“The most important thing is light. Light equals life.” Richard Meier, architect

The combination of the three materials metal, glass and porcelain makes the table and floor lamps gleam in a distinctive design. The glass cylinder is a custom-made product, produced in a small Italian manufactory. The porcelain plates made of wafer-thin biscuit porcelain have a perforation in the shape of the stylised sword pattern. The porcelain is illuminated from below, thus creating unparalleled light accents.

Sword Lanterns

This lamp design was inspired by the Georgian Lanterns. Their low-scale modern form language of the mid-century style makes the lamps a true eye-catcher with exceptional delicate details. The elaborate sword symbol is incorporated into the design in a most puristic manner.


Treasure Lamp

The frame made of massive metal was manufactured in most professional craftsmanship and designed in the shape of a small glass box, serving as the foot of this very special lamp. It can be embellished with accessories such as pug dog from the MEISSEN® collection.

Seahorse Lamp

As the Greek sea goddess Amphitrite, the lampshade is seated on a globe held by three seahorses. The porcelain foot was manufactured in most professional craftsmanship and made in a rediscovered design of the porcelain manufactory MEISSEN® from the 1920ies. The combination of a handmade enamel varnish lampshade with gold coating on the inside and the sculptural foot seated on a noble pedestal resembles an icon piece from a society parlour of the golden era.

Dragona Lamp

Two different models of large Dragona vases are embellished with gold, platinum or with individual patterns by hand. Their grace and elegance in all their opulence as well as the enamel varnish lampshade, gold-coated on the inside, create an exquisite ambience of light.


Cascade Chandelier

The highlight of the luminaire design for MEISSEN is an opulent chandelier made of "white gold". Countless delicate porcelain tablets made in lithophane technique and set with gold hang down cascadingly from the rings of a metal frame and immerse the room in intimate light - lightness, delicacy and three-dimensionality of the porcelain are beautifully combined here.

Cascade Sconce

The wall light was designed to complement the chandelier. The sconce too, is decorated with hanging tender lithophane porcelain plates and renders an intimate light.

Cube Lamp

The frame made of massive metal was manufactured in most professional craftsmanship and designed to hold the porcelain plates of premium finish. Design knows no limits. The customer can choose from the manufactory’s comprehensive assortment and the broad range of colours.  Its unmatched harmony of minimalism and grace make this lamp a unique piece of art.


Planning & Realization FINE ROOMS GmbH Berlin Germany

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