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Anker 1

Maison & Objet

Retail and Fair Design

Paris, France | MEISSEN 2013

Image rights: Thomas Gasparini

messedesign-09 (3).jpg
messedesign-01 (3).jpg
messedesign-06 (3).jpg
messedesign-05 (2).jpg

All furniture, lamps and fabrics on display have been created especially for the MEISSEN HOME COLLECTION. The homelike atmosphere makes this showroom into something very special.
The pieces of furniture are not displayed on the usual sales pedestals. They were arranged into affectionately designed home environments one would love to move into immediately.

messedesign-03 (2).jpg
messedesign-04 (2).jpg
messedesign-08 (2).jpg
messedesign-02 (2).jpg
messedesign-10 (2).jpg
messedesign-07 (3).jpg

Planning & Realization FINE ROOMS GmbH Berlin Germany

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