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Art concept Schloss Bensberg

Contemporary Art Meets Baroque Architecture

Bergisch Gladbach | ALTHOFF HOTEL COLLECTION 2016

Image rights: Wolfgang Stahr


This baroque castle is the exhibition venue of a matchless collection that makes every art lover’s heart leap. Besides commissioned works by aspiring contemporary artists, the visitor can also discover pieces of art by Georg Baselitz, A.R. Penck and Joseph Beuys.
In order to account for the significance of the pieces of art, the ALTHOFF HOTEL COLLECTION has been providing an art concierge at the Grand Hotel Schloss Bensberg for a number of years already.
The walls of the rooms are decorated with limited serigraphy by the artist Markus Lüpertz. He is a renowned painter, graphic designer and sculptor and ranks among the most famous German artists. His enormous suggestive power is captivating.
In the bar with an open fireplace, two modern Dalí adaptions by the Berlin artist Beestermöller frame a baroque mirror. The pieces of art, showing the surrealist Salvador Dalí with his muse Gala, complete the existing Dalí collection “The Divine Comedy”. The attentive guest will discover signed replicas by Dalí – bronze sculptures and numerous elaborate details. Very much in the spirit of Salvador Dalí, the“aesthetics as the greatest earthly mystery”Salvador Dalí   
were put it into effect.


©: Wilhelm Beestermöller


©: Wilhelm Beestermöller


Planning & Realization FINE ROOMS GmbH Berlin Germany

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