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As project manager at amj design I was able to present an exciting and certainly very valuable art concept at the opening of the Small Leading Hotel St.James and Club in London.
The collection with unique portraits from all over Europe is based on the portraits of the members of the Gentleman Club St.James, formerly initiated by Jean Connery.
I have used all genres of art, from photography, paintings, engravings, sculptures and drawings and created a unique eclectic mix.
Works from the periods of New Objectivity, Neorealism, Cubism, Art Deco and Pointilism, but also wonderful photographs from the beginning of the 20th century were curated in an exciting way and let the
Apparently, this collection was lovingly created over decades.
Highlights are certainly the design of the Parisian Garnier Opera for a stage set of Figaro from the 1950s, or the famous Art Deco painting of the Frenchman Gyuot.
Also the neo-impressionist works of a Lauron, who also hangs in La Coupole in Paris, are difficult to acquire again in their variety.

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